polyEdit bug?

[Test environment] CentOS 5.4 Maya 2011 x64 [Test Code (mel)] polySphere; select -r pSphere1.map[0]; int $i = 0; for( ; $i<100000; ++$i ) {    polyEditUV -u 0.5 -v 0.5; } [Problem] maya를 종료할 때까지…

Maya MFnFluid bug? on Linux

I developed my own smoke simulator and rendered the data using Maya, but met a problem. MFnFluid fluidFn( fDagPath ); unsigned int Nx, Ny, Nz; fluidFn.getResolution( Nx, Ny, Nz ); float* density = fluidFn.density(); for( int…

Compound Dynamic Attribute in Maya Bug

Maya에서 addattr로 dynamic attribute를 compound 형식으로 만들고 나서, deleteattr로 지운 뒤, 다시 같은 이름의 dynamic attribute를 addattr로 생성하면 다음과 같은 error가 발생하며 실패하게 된다. Too many children on this compound. Method 1 After deleting the dynamic…

MItMeshPolygon limitation

MItMeshPolygon::getArea does not work in World Space. The Object Space area is always returned. Workaround Use MItMeshPolygon::getTriangles to get the triangles in World Space; then calculate the areas of the triangles and sum them

Maya Particle Command

[bad usage] particle -q -attribute position -order 7; // Error: No object matches name: position // [good usage] particle -attribute position -order 7 -q particleShape1; // Result: 5 0 0 //